Digital Rights Agency Circa 2005

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By 2005 a new generation of copyright laws predominantly concerned with preventing unauthorised distribution in digital networks through proprietary digital rights management (DRM) technologies were not particularly successful. U.S.-based agencies for collective digital distribution aimed at independent labels and individual artists, such as Digital Rights Agency attempted to change this.

The content below is from the site's 2005-2006 archived pages.


The Digital Rights Agency represents a worldwide group of high profile independent record labels in collective digital distribution deals. By leveraging the significant collective bargaining power of our clients, we enable our clients to access digital outlets around the world on industry-leading terms with a one-time delivery of catalog to DRA.
By focusing on the world's top labels and taking on fewer clients, we are able to provide a high level of marketing support to each client. DRA's long standing relationships with key editors at the major services and our track record of delivering successful titles consistently results in high visibility for our clients' releases on the major music services.


We drive significant cost-savings in labels' accounting process by providing a single monthly digital royalty statement covering deliveries across all digital outlets and providing robust password-protected online sales reporting functionality.
The Digital Rights Agency team includes among the most experienced digital rights attorneys, software developers and marketing experts in the digital music business and has a long history working with independent labels.
DRA is compensated through a percentage-based fee on sales revenue which means that we are highly motivated to sell your catalog. There are no up-front encoding or delivery costs. 


Great Deals: We negotiate great deals with digital music companies by using the collective bargaining power of our rapidly expanding group of label clients.

Powerful Technology: We have invested heavily in the development of proprietary database and accounting software that provides labels with a single consolidated royalty statement covering sales through many different digital music outlets. Consolidated reporting saves you money by vastly reducing your workload in accounting to artists, producers and publishers for digital sales.



Content Delivery: You provide us with a single copy of each record in your catalog and your metadata. We encode your music in our system and provide it to each company we license, saving you the cost of delivering content to each company you license.

Expert Strategy: We are experts in the complex business and legal dynamics of digital music licensing and also understand the nuances of the independent music business. As a result, we are uniquely able to create strategies that will help your label succeed as the music business increasingly transitions to digital downloads.

Low Fees: Our fees are among the lowest of any organization doing collective licensing and you only pay us when you make money.



Managing Director
Tuhin Roy is a leading digital media industry attorney who has represented both independent record labels and digital music services in licensing transactions.

Prior to founding the Digital Rights Agency, Mr. Roy founded the Digital Media Strategy Group (, a successful law and consulting firm focused on licensing content for digital media services and the creation of relationships involving the distribution of these services. 

Prior to founding DMSG, Mr. Roy served as General Counsel of Echo Networks--a digital music company acquired in early 2003 by a consortium of major brick and mortar music retailers including the Virgin Entertainment Group, Tower Records, Wherehouse , Best Buy, Transworld Entertainment and Hastings Entertainment-- where he was responsible for licensing the catalogs of major and independent record labels and publishers.

Prior to joining Echo Networks, Mr. Roy practiced corporate and intellectual property law at Perkins Coie LLP where he represented technology companies in licensing and corporate finance matters.


Prior to his practice at Perkins Coie LLP, Mr. Roy founded and served as managing partner of One Two Productions, a boutique music publishing and production company that produced top-charted and RIAA- certified records for several major and independent labels. 

Mr. Roy has also served as a member of the board of directors of the Digital Media Association, a Washington DC-based association whose members include AOL/Time Warner, MTV, and Real Networks and has served as an expert witness before the United States Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel.

Database and Accounting Systems Architect
Ming Wu has an extensive background in technology including product design, software development, implementation, and systems management. He has architected and managed enterprise level systems for major online financial institutions and designed and developed numerous multi-tier systems. Mr. Wu holds his degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and currently serves as a Senior Systems Engineer for E*Trade Financial in Menlo Park, CA.


Among the labels we currently distribute are:


New Releases

Release Date Artist Name Label Name Album Name UPC Code
2006-04-25 Various Artists BCD Music Group Texas All-Star Freestyles 808609303023
2006-04-25 The Tool Tribute String Quartet CMH Records, Inc. The String Quartet Tribute to Tool's Aenima 027297913127
2006-04-25 Viola Wills Harlequin Recording Group What Now My Love 670945126822
2006-04-25 Mirahj BCD Music Group Mirahjatrois 765047520620
2006-04-25 Reloaded Aspirion Mel McDaniel 185577000247
2006-04-25 Starlight Mints Barsuk Records Drowaton 655173105122
2006-04-25 Kanye West Tribute Band Tribute Sounds Smooth Sax Tribute To Kanye West 880046014922
2006-04-25 3-2, Big Will BCD Music Group 310 Rush Avenue 820733834372
2006-04-25 Paul Wall, Judge Dredd, Ras Dan BCD Music Group Hometown Dreamin 808609302620
2006-04-25 Li Alin Asphodel LTD All In 753027203427
2006-04-25 Michael Talbott and The Wolfkings Antenna Farm Records Freeze-Die-Come To Life 646315451429
2006-04-25 Lil Flip BCD Music Group Freestyle Kings Vol 5.0 808609302828
2006-04-25 The Obsessed MeteorCity Lunar Womb 690989003828
2006-04-25 Young & Rollins Bolero Records Mosaic 829937713223
2006-04-25 Various Artists BCD Music Group Hub City Husla Vol. 1 634479488528
2006-04-25 Various Artists BCD Music Group Steppin to Jazz 2 686506213320
2006-04-25 Various Artists Ubiquity Recordings Bay Area Funk II 780661005018
2006-04-25 Kelly Clarkson Tribute Band Tribute Sounds Kids Tribute To Kelly Clarkson 880046015127
2006-04-25 Various Artists OM Records Electrolush (Digital Version) 600353061323
2006-04-25 Violet Nine P. K. G. Entertainment Any Wonder 828730044022
2006-04-28 1960's Karaoke Band SingSongs Music Limited 1960's Karaoke Classics Volume 1 5060131550008
2006-04-28 Backlash Conquer the World Records Through Different Eyes 798561003621
2006-04-28 2000's Karaoke Band SingSongs Music Limited 2000's Karaoke Classics Volume 1 5060131550046
2006-04-28 1970's Karaoke Band SingSongs Music Limited 1970's Karaoke Classics Volume 1 5060131550015
2006-04-28 Viola Wills Harlequin Recording Group What Now My Love 670945126822
2006-04-28 1990's Karaoke Band SingSongs Music Limited 1990's Karaoke Classics Volume 1 5060131550039
2006-04-30 Blinking Lights Ethnoworld Psycho 8032862450527
2006-05-01 GNAC LTM Publishing Twelve Sidelong Glances 5024545405422
2006-05-01 Ceevox Harlequin Recording Group Your Love (Got 2 Have It) 670945120721
2006-05-01 Antena LTM Publishing Toujours Du Soleil 5024545391329
2006-05-01 Cosmos Membran GmbH Skygarden 4011222240460
2006-05-02 Dag King BCD Music Group Movie Music 825749033627
2006-05-02 Various Artists Cross Movement Records Phenomenal 881413001927
2006-05-02 Slaughter BCD Music Group Life Without Fear 686506213429
2006-05-02 Various Artists BCD Music Group Court Sessions Vol. 2 686506212323
2006-05-02 Momu Looq Records Momu 674831104222
2006-05-04 Emerson Drive Midas Records A Good Man 881529008063
2006-05-08 Kaskade OM Records Here and Now 600353061422
2006-05-09 Hyper Static Union Rocketown Records Lifegiver 826872004522
2006-05-09 Rickey Smiley BCD Music Group Volume 5 686506213726
2006-05-09 Old Haunts Kill Rock Stars Fuel on Fire 759656045728
2006-05-09 Nomo Ubiquity Recordings New Tones 780661119425
2006-05-09 Various Artists Ubiquity Recordings Rewind Vol. 5 780661119524
2006-05-09 Wooden Wand 5 Rue Christine Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg 759656105729
2006-05-09 Various Artists BCD Music Group Texas Finest Volume III: D-Town Bad Boys 686506208821
2006-05-09 Various Artists BCD Music Group Fed or Dead 808609303221
2006-05-09 Various Artists Kill Rock Stars The Sound The Hare Heard 759656044929
2006-05-09 Zach Hill and Mick Barr 5 Rue Christine Shred Earthship 759656106924
2006-05-09 Lil Flip, TJ BCD Music Group Lil Flip Vs. TJ Music 808609302927
2006-05-09 Plain White T's Fearless Records Hey There Delilah 714753008625
2006-05-09 Toys That Kill Recess Records Shanked! 880270068227
2006-05-09 The Everyothers Kill Rock Stars Pink Sticky Lies 759656044226
2006-05-12 Various Artists Popa Chubby Productions Black Coffee 3448969225923
2006-05-15 Dan Ahdoot BSeenMedia hate me, or HATE ME 634479260315
2006-05-15 Maquiladora Darla Records The Gulf 708527017722
2006-05-15 Crifiu Ethnoworld Tra Terra E Mare 8032862450510
2006-05-15 Dinamo Folk Rock Band Ethnoworld Profili Profani 8032862450534
2006-05-15 The Happy Hatters Casablanca Kids The Happy Hatters 801464204528
2006-05-15 Manual Darla Records Bajamar 708527017227
2006-05-16 E.S.G. Sure Shot Recordings Screwed Up Movement 899381902627
2006-05-16 The Five Blind Boys of Alabama Calvin Records The Lost Recordings: Reach Out & Touch Somebody's 846052005224
2006-05-16 Mastery Corporate Punishment Records Lethal Legacy 856976001912
2006-05-16 Killa Klump feat. Yukmouth Sum Day I'm Good: Tha Mixtape 828730014421
2006-05-16 Barbara Carr Ecko Records Down Low Brother 706393108124
2006-05-16 Amy Speace Wildflower Records Songs For Bright Street 687348130929
2006-05-16 Shakira Tribute Band Calvin Records Homage to Shakira's Greatest Hits 846052005521
2006-05-16 Melvins Ipecac Recordings Houdini Live 2005 689230007623
2006-05-16 Whitestarr Contango Records Luv Machine 181573100523
2006-05-16 CJ Sleez Corporate Punishment Records Back From the Brink 856976001929
2006-05-16 Mr. Lif Definitive Jux Brothaz Single 600308812864
2006-05-16 Various Artists Cherokee Music Group City of Angels 659611119023
2006-05-16 Sly and the Family Stone Tribute Band Calvin Records Get Higher: A Funky Tribute To Sly and the Family 846052005422
2006-05-19 Steve Azar Midas Records Indianola 881529012466
2006-05-22 Big Fat Mama Crotalo Edizioni Musicali The Best Of 8021016011219
2006-05-23 Dislocation Dance LTM Publishing Midnight Shift + Singles 5024545382426
2006-05-23 Coachwhips Narnack Records Double Death 825807703929
2006-05-23 Benny Profane LTM Publishing Trapdoor Swing / Dumb Luck Charm 5024545384925
2006-05-23 Run Run Run Song & Dance Records Endless Winter 800154016526
2006-05-23 Andy Caldwell OM Records Univeral Truth 600353061620
2006-05-23 Dislocation Dance LTM Publishing Music Music Music / Slip That Disc! 5024545382228
2006-05-23 Nino Moschella Ubiquity Recordings The Fix 780661119326
2006-05-30 Various Artists Oarfin Records Southern Lean Volume 1 Screwed and Chopped 128016691675
2006-05-30 The Afterglow Ethnoworld Setting Sun EP 8032862450633
2006-05-30 Various Artists BCD Music Group Snowman 808609303726
2006-05-30 Peeping Tom Ipecac Recordings Peeping Tom 689230007722
2006-05-30 Space Needle Eenie Meenie Records Recordings 1994 -1997 692560002329
2006-05-30 DJ Screw, Big Chance Oarfin Records Apt. 100-Where It All Began 693189452724
2006-05-30 Various Artists BCD Music Group Full Time Hustlin' 686506213924
2006-05-30 Various Artists Oarfin Records S.T.I. Poster Child 693189452328
2006-05-30 Various Artists BCD Music Group Gangsta Groove Bangerz Vol. 1 890107001006
2006-05-30 Noxagt Load Records Noxagt 604197106950
2006-05-30 Various Artists BCD Music Group Can't Ban The Snowman 808609303825
2006-05-30 Lil Flip BCD Music Group Roof Back 808609303627
2006-05-30 Various Artists Oarfin Records Da Bottom Vol. 8 786984005629
2006-05-30 Various Artists BCD Music Group Royalty of Rap 686506214228
2006-05-30 Lil Troy Oarfin Records Paperwork 802061570023
2006-06-01 Stryke Harlequin Recording Group Pages From The Blue Diary 670945201024
2006-06-01 Ankasa Membran GmbH Ankasa 4011222240767
2006-06-01 Digital Underground Evolved Live At The Natural Mystic Studio 7340024700047
2006-06-01 Various Artists Get Disconnected Disco Classics 670945502022
2006-06-01 Vin Bruce Mardi Gras Records Cajun Legend! 096094110527
2006-06-01 Oscar G Harlequin Recording Group Make Me Feel 670945122121
2006-06-01 Various Artists LTM Publishing Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 3) 5024545227925
2006-06-01 Kriece Underground Evolved Live at Derby RSL Club 7340024700108
2006-06-01 Various Artists Harlequin Recording Group Harlequin Clubtrax - Album 670945202120
2006-06-01 Various Artists LTM Publishing Tipping The Velvet 5024545205824
2006-06-01 Various Artists Harlequin Recording Group Essential 670945204025
2006-06-01 Various Artists Mardi Gras Records Best of Swamp Pop Classics 096094110428
2006-06-01 Pan/Tone Underground Evolved Live At Studio 672 7340024700146
2006-06-06 Various Artists Cleopatra This Is Country 741157158229
2006-06-06 Atmosphere Rhymesayers Say Hey There (Single) 826257007414
2006-06-06 Divided By Zero Corporate Punishment Records The Black Sea 856976001080
2006-06-06 Various Artists UBL Recordings, LLC Summer Essentials: Beach Flavored Sexy House & Laid Back Beats 853193001145
2006-06-06 Rampage Sure Shot Recordings Have You Seen? 899381902726
2006-06-06 The Turning RKT Music Learning to Lose 826872004928
2006-06-06 Various Artists Cleopatra World's Greatest Tribute to Ted Nugent 666496446021
2006-06-06 Various Artists OM Records House Of OM: Colette and DJ Heather 600353061927
2006-06-06 Various Artists CMH Records, Inc. Strummin' With The Devil: The Southern Side of Van Halen: A Tribute 027297909021
2006-06-06 The Robot Ate Me 5 Rue Christine Good World 759656106023
2006-06-06 Tower of Rome He Who Corrupts, Inc. World War I 880270064823
2006-06-06 Various Artists Cleopatra Songs For Desperate Housewives 666496445628
2006-06-06 Various Artists Cleopatra Gothic Divas Presents: New Skin, Tre Lux and Switchblade Symphony 741157163025
2006-06-06 James Blunt Tribute Band Calvin Records A Tribute To James Blunt 846052005620
2006-06-06 Shirley Caesar Calvin Records The Lost Recordings of Shirley Caesar: The Invitation 846052005729
2006-06-06 Great White Cleopatra Rock Me: The Best Of Great White 741157160123
2006-06-06 Psalm One Rhymesayers Rap Star (Single) 826257007513
2006-06-06 Various Artists Underground Evolved Frozen North Recordings 7340024700078
2006-06-06 Various Artists OM Records OM: Summer Sessions 600353061729
2006-06-06 The Paper Chase Kill Rock Stars Now You Are One Of Us 759656044523
2006-06-06 Jessie Daniels Midas Records Jessie Daniels 881529006021
2006-06-06 Manyfingers Acuarela Our Worn Shadow 8426946902826
2006-06-06 Various Artists Cleopatra Tribute To The Arctic Monkeys 666496445826
2006-06-06 Smoosh Barsuk Records Free To Stay 655173105320
2006-06-06 Amps For Christ 5 Rue Christine Every Eleven Seconds 759656106825
2006-06-06 Gemini Five Cleopatra Black Anthem: Part II 741157163124
2006-06-06 Logan Square Fearless Records Pessimism & Satire 714753008526
2006-06-06 Shirley Caesar Calvin Records The Lost Recordings: Go Take A Bath 846052005026
2006-06-06 Burning Retna Cleopatra The Frozen Lies 741157162929
2006-06-06 Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers Calvin Records The Lost Recordings Of Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers: Moods, Images & Reflect 846052005828
2006-06-06 Espion Underground Evolved Live at Camouflage 7340024700085
2006-06-06 Superstars Looq Records Satisfaction EP 674831104321
2006-06-13 Mr. Lif Definitive Jux Mo' Mega 600308812925
2006-06-13 Sharon, Lois & Bram Casablanca Kids Smorgasbord 801464212226
2006-06-13 Ohsees (formerly OCS) Narnack Records The Cool Death of Island Raiders 825807703622
2006-06-13 O. B. Buchana Ecko Records I'm Gonna Sleep 706393108223
2006-06-13 Brian McComas Katapult Entertainment Good, Good Lovin 837101193399
2006-06-13 Still Flyin' Antenna Farm Records Time Wrinkle EJ 646315451726
2006-06-20 Strange Fruit Project OM Records Soul Clap 600353061811
2006-06-20 Nat Baldwin Broken Sparrow Records Enter The Winter 793447404820
2006-06-20 MothSpyEros Lunatic Works Sueño Rojo 801190123827
2006-06-20 Various Artists BasicLux Records In the Stars 881410002125
2006-06-27 Arctic Monkeys Tribute Band Calvin Records Guitar Tribute to Arctic Monkeys 846052006023
2006-06-27 Various Artists CMH Records, Inc. The Return of Dr. Octagon 027297921726
2006-06-27 High School Musical Tribute Band Calvin Records Tribute to High School Music 846052006122
2006-06-27 Cinderella Cleopatra Gypsy Road Live 666496446229
2006-06-27 Christine Atallah & The Bassalindos Bolero Records Escapades 829937713421
2006-06-27 Various Artists Cleopatra Rock and Roll Rebellion: Rebels Without A Cause 666496444423
2006-07-01 Slimboy Reality Entertainment No Fires On Beach 828341011352
2006-07-01 Various Artists TOKYOPOP Inc. TOKYOPOP Presents: Anime Trax Vol. 1 645573020019
2006-07-01 Various Artists Reality Entertainment Gnosis, The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed 828341011383
2006-07-01 Various Artists TOKYOPOP Inc. TOKYOPOP Presents: Drift 2 Die 645573020033
2006-07-01 Various Artists TOKYOPOP Inc. TOKYOPOP Presents: Beats For Riderz 645573020002
2006-07-01 Various Artists LTM Publishing Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 2) 5019148630975
2006-07-01 Brain Surgeons NYC Reality Entertainment Denial of Death 804879008620
2006-07-11 The Outline Fearless Records You Smash It, We'll Build Around It 714753008922
2006-07-11 Chuck Roberson Ecko Records Best Of Chuck Roberson 706393108322
2006-07-18 Armik Bolero Records Mi Pasión 829937713827
2006-07-18 The Five Blind Boys of Alabama Calvin Records The Lost Recordings: Working For The Lord 846052005323
2006-07-25 The Decemberists Kill Rock Stars Picaresqueties 759656142526
2006-07-25 Excepter 5 Rue Christine Alternation 759656104722
2006-07-25 Mika Miko Kill Rock Stars C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. 759656046725
2006-07-25 The Long Winters Barsuk Records Putting The Days To Bed 655173105429
2006-07-25 Various Artists Ubiquity Recordings An Announcement To Answer 780661119722
2006-07-25 Erase Errata Kill Rock Stars Nightlife 759656046428
2006-07-25 Harvey Danger Kill Rock Stars Little By Little 759656047128
2006-08-08 Gatsbys American Dream Fearless Records Gatsbys American Dream 714753009028
2006-08-08 Jim Noir Barsuk Records Tower Of Love 655173105627
2006-08-29 Armik Bolero Records Christmas Wishes 829937713629
2006-09-12 Viva Voce Barsuk Records Get Yr Blood Sucked Out 655173105825